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Best Ideas for Basement Remodelling Projects

Posted On February - 12 - 2016

The basement can be transformed into a lovely relaxation room or any type of room, depending on what you need. The ideas range from building a gaming space, with a pool table and a mini-bar where adults can feel exactly like in the movies to a cinema room, where you can gather all your friends around to watch a movie. But it can also be a playground for little children, or simply a place to rest where you can watch tv or read a book without someone bothering you. Here are some of the best ideas for basement remodeling projects.

Some things to consider before embarking on your remodeling project

Basement areas have problems with ventilation and humidity. If you do not solve these two problems first, you will see later that all the effort was in vain. To control the humidity of the air you can opt for a dehumidifier. If the space was not provided with access to natural light, there is no magical way by which we can light up the place, without destroying walls or remodeling the place, which involves installing complex systems with fiber optics. In this case we have to provide an adequate bright space, without falling into the other extreme, with excessive light. Panels and bright lamps are one of the most classic ideas.
Choose a quality floor. Hardwood flooring gives any room a stylish and elegant look, but it is not a good choice for the basement. Wood easily degrades in the presence of moisture. The floor of the basement can be dressed in a nice way with ceramic tiles.
To brighten the space you can choose to paint the walls in bright colors or opt for moisture-proof materials, such as glass or marble. With a little imagination you can turn it into a usable space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Gaming room

Set the basement as a forbidden territory for your little children and design it with all the comfort needed to spend some pleasant evenings with other friends. You’ll need a sofa, chairs, a stool and a coffee table. Optionally, you can also add other elements in the decor: a minibar and a mini fridge. Do not forget that you must have some fun pieces in your room, so consider installing a large TV, a pool table, a ping-pong table, etc.

Cinema room

It is important to determine where you want to install your TV, to find out how much space you have available for remodeling.
The speaker placement is essential. In movie theaters, the speakers are positioned to deliver the sound optimally. It should be the same in your own basement. It is essential to provide for the distribution of audio and video cables through the house. Some prefer to hide the speakers behind panels and give the impression that the sound comes from the wall, others prefer to leave them be, as visible speakers. It’s the same for the screen: many prefer a projector with retractable screen, which is more discreet than a huge TV (and safer if you have children or grandchildren).