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How to Arrange Kitchen Appliances

Posted On July - 26 - 2016

The main step you have to take in order to have an organized kitchen is to focus on arranging the kitchen appliances. Due to the fact that there are all sorts of appliances that are meant to help us in the kitchen, we often find ourselves in the situation of having a cluttered kitchen. Therefore, in order to have a functional, well-organized kitchen, read the following tips and see how to arrange the kitchen appliances.


The microwave is one of the most used kitchen appliances so you have to consider choosing a place that will allow you to operate it easier. One of the best options is to integrate it into cabinetry, but make sure that you place it where everybody can reach it. Also, you can place it in a spare cabinet below or near the counter if you want to have more free space. Another great idea is to arrange it in the island so you can keep it out of the sight and to make use of the space offered by the island. You can also try to put it over the oven for a sleek and modern look.

Bread Maker

This appliance is very useful for all those who want to prepare their own bread and it can be found in many houses. Nevertheless, due to the fact that it’s not a small appliance, you have to be careful where you place it in order to use it without any inconveniences. First, you have to think how often do you use it and then find the right place for it. One of the best options to place the bread maker is on the counter because you have to measure and mix the ingredients in order to cook the bread. This means that you need more space that you do when you use other appliances. Another option to arrange the bread maker is to put it on a shelf or in a cupboard and put in on the table or on the counter whenever you want to use it. Nevertheless, this also means that you have to put it back when the bread is ready, which may be a little inconvenient.

Coffee Maker

There are few homes that don’t have a coffee maker, so it’s very important to know which is the best place to put this appliance. If you consider the fact that you mainly use the coffee maker in the morning, after you get up from the bed, then the best place to put it is somewhere where you can easily reach it. This may be on the kitchen table or on the counter, depending on how much space do you have. Also, you have to consider that you have to wash the coffee maker after you use it, so you may place it somewhere near the sink in order to avoid making any mess.