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How to Grow and Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Posted On May - 10 - 2016

Lawn maintenance is tough, but there’s surely nothing you wouldn’t do to have a perfect looking lawn that boosts the appearance of your house. The keys to growing and maintaining a healthy lawn are timing and technique. Therefore, if you want to learn how to grow and maintain a healthy lawn that looks perfect, read the following lines and apply our advice.

Adjust the cutting height of the lawn mower according to the season

A common mistake that people do when they mow the lawn is that they don’t set the correct cutting height. As the seasons pass, the cutting height of the lawn mower must be changed accordingly. The first mow of the year requires you to set the cutting height of the lawn mower to 1 and a half inches. This is the perfect height because it helps remove dead grass, allowing sunlight to reach the crowns of the grass. When summer comes, raise the cutting height to 2 or 2 and a half inches. When it’s time for the last cutting of the year, set the cutting height of the lawn mower back to 1 and a half inches.

Take up deep watering

To grow and maintain a healthy lawn, you must take up deep watering. Therefore, instead of sprinkling water on the lawn daily, water it 2 inches deep once every three to four days. This method of watering the lawn will help develop deep and strong roots. Also, make sure that you do this early in the morning. By watering the lawn in the morning, you will prevent too much water from being lost to evaporation. Also, there will be enough time for the lawn to dry out before nightfall, preventing the appearance of mold and fungi.

Don’t rake up the grass clippings

Another common mistake that people make when caring for their lawns is that they rake up the grass clippings. After you mow the lawn, instead of raking up the grass clippings, leave them where they fall. While they decompose, the nitrogen in them will feed the lawn and they will help slow water evaporation as well.

Apply fertilizers and weed killers at the perfect moment

With applying fertilizers and weed killers, the key to perfection is timing. The perfect moment to apply weed killers is in the early spring and summer. This timing won’t allow the weeds to develop deep root systems. When it comes to fertilizing the lawn, the perfect moment is in early spring because it helps start the root development process. Also, you should fertilize again when fall comes. This will help repair the damage done to the lawn during summer.