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As you probably have discovered, your bedroom has a huge influence on the quality of your sleep. From the comfort level of your bed to the softness of the bedding to the ambiance and quiet in your bedroom, every detail is essential in achieving a restful sleep. In case you can’t manage to fall asleep and you wake up feeling more tired than you were the night before, perhaps it’s time for a bedroom remodeling that will ensure a more restful sleep.

Replace your old mattress with a top quality model

The mattress you sleep on is very important in sleeping well at night so it should be of the highest quality. If your old mattress doesn’t give you the body support you need, it’s time to replace it with a new memory foam mattress that keeps your body comfortable throughout the night. The Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13” mattress is made of a high-quality gel-infused memory foam that ensures that your spine and neck will stay in a healthy position so you won’t wake up with back pain. The bamboo cover is hypoallergenic to keep you away from dust mites and mold spores that could gather inside the mattress.

A bamboo pillow will increase the comfort of your sleep

To match the undeniable comfort level offered by your new mattress, consider buying a bamboo pillow that will provide the perfect sleeping position of your neck. The Original Bamboo memory foam pillow has a shredded memory foam interior that adapts to the shape of your head and neck so you will not experience uncomfortable sleeping. The bamboo exterior is so soft and silky that you will love sleeping on your new pillow. Plus, it stays cool to touch and keeps allergens and dust mites away from your skin.

You will sleep much better while listening to a sound machine

Last, but not least, the sound machine could be a great bedroom addition that will promote a more restful sleep. If you can’t fall asleep with all the noise in your bedroom, if your partner snores and keeps you awake at night or you simply can’t focus on falling asleep, the sound machine can help you solve your sleeping problems. Conair Sound Therapy is a great choice that offers a white noise feature along with 9 other sounds that mimic the ocean waves, a thunderstorm, a rainfall, or songbirds. Place the sound machine on the bedside table and enjoy its soothing effects.