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The Development of Wood Flooring Market

Posted On May - 12 - 2016

When it comes to remodeling or redecorating a house, one will be able to find plenty of resources, ideas and advice on the Internet. There are many platforms dedicated to home decor ideas and house remodeling and numerous designers use the online environment to present and promote the latest trends. But for the regular Joe, the latest trends in interior design are not the number one priority, but rather finding ideas and solutions that are both visually appealing and practical, especially when it comes to a subject as serious as flooring. There was a time when every house came with hardwood floors, as architects and engineers saw wood as the one and only proper material for flooring, but then cheaper materials made their way onto the market and a lot of people couldn’t afford to pay the price of hardwood floors, so the market registered a downfall. However, over the last years, the wood flooring market regained a lot of ground, as people began acknowledging that this type of flooring is a sensible investment.

The increase in popularity of the wood flooring market is due not only to home owners realizing that hardwood floors are significantly more durable than other types of floors and that their house value increases with this sort of investment, but also due to the fact that manufacturers came up with several different categories and types, which greatly diversified the market. As a result, if you are considering hardwood floors for your home, now you have numerous and various choices, such as hypoallergenic wooden floors, matte finish floors for high traffic households with pets or clear grain wood. Not only that, but wooden floors today are not entirely made of solid wood, as manufacturers have come up with engineered wood, which is made of just one layer of solid wood and multiple layers of plywood beneath. It is the perfect choice for basements or environments with high level of moisture, providing higher stability. Due to the fact that options and alternatives became so diverse in the field of wood floors, the hardwood flooring market developed significantly and now most homeowners are choosing this type of floors for their houses.

Another reason for which wood flooring market has known such a rapid growth over the last years is that people became more interested in having seamless designed homes. Indeed, when it came to home design trends, most of the resources in the field promoted consistent and harmonious interior design and hardwood floors were the way to achieve that, because not only did they provide continuity to the floors, but they also could be matched to the furniture, cabinets and even paint colors within the house. The bottom line is that, when it comes to home decor or interior design ideas and trends, hardwood floors are timeless and they make a great investment, so it is no wonder that the market has known such a great development.