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Inground pools require careful maintenance to make sure the water in the pool will stay clean and safe fro swimming without having to empty the pool too often. The robotic pool cleaner is what you need to make sure the water in your inground pool will stay clean even for an entire season. The following particular models are the top choices in terms of cleaning inground pools with minimum hassle.

Dolphin Triton

You can trust this powerful robotic pool cleaner to clean pools as large as 50 feet in only three hours thanks to the powerful motor it relies on and the bristle brushes that remove even the most stubborn dirt. It can climb walls and clean the water line and the 60-ft swivel cable prevents any tangling. You can self-program the machine and it will clean the pool on itself so you can enjoy your spare time. If you choose to purchase the remote separately, you will also enjoy more cleaning programs like Quick Clean or Long Clean. The device comes with a transportation caddy for the price of $845 while the remote itself costs another $93.

Aquabot Breeze XLS

If you take a peek at some aquabot reviews, you will see why they promote this robotic pool cleaner as one of the greatest devices to use for inground swimming pools, considering it features a powerful engine that can handle every debris in the water and it can effectively cover the entire pool surface. It’s suitable for pools up to 50 feet large and thanks to the agitating brushes, the dirt on the pool surface will be removed. It can even handle the waterline and the stairs are no challenge for this small yet powerful device. The Aquabot can clean forward and backward and it won’t tangle in the cable because it’s a swivel cable that follows it anywhere it goes. The price of this unit is $498, less than most models available on the market.

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830

Another excellent choice for inground pools would be this model that offers great performance and efficiency in removing dirt from your pool in less than three hours. It can handle the pool floor, the waterline, and even the steps and it collects even the finest debris while scrubbing the dirt using its powerful brushes. It comes with a remote so you can program it to clean by itself and you will have to pay $995 to get this unit at home.