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Any good housekeeper knows the importance of spring cleaning and they put a lot of effort and attention into it. However, any smart woman knows that cleaning should be fast and efficient so they resort to all kinds of tips and tricks that help them get the job done. In case you need to clean your house and you are out of ideas, here are some useful tips that will make this spring clean a breeze.

Organize your cleaning chores

What you need to do is make a list of all your cleaning chores and group them in such way that you will not overburden yourself. Start with each room at a time or get something done in every room like washing all the carpets or cleaning all the furniture.

Remove odors with alcohol

The house might look clean but some odors might remain stuck in fibers so this tip will turn out to be useful. You can spray alcohol on the sofa or on the mattress and let it dry so the odors will evaporate along with the alcohol scent.

Baking soda can absorb moisture

To give your mattress and chairs a good cleaning that will eliminate the moisture that gives the awful damp smell, spread baking soda all over the fabrics and let it sit. After a while, when you can see that the baking soda has turned wet, remove it with a vacuum cleaner to make sure you absorb all the baking soda.

Clean the floors with a robot vacuum

Nothing can beat the efficiency and comfort in use of the robot vacuum and having it at hand will make spring cleaning much easier. This smart device can clean the floors by itself so you can use the time to clean something else.

Care for stainless steel appliances

If you have shiny stainless steel appliances that you want to take care of, avoid using rough cleaning products that could scratch them. Instead, use a cleaning paste made of baking soda and water and give them a nice finish using olive oil.

Lemon juice is a real help

Instead of using harsh chemical cleaning products, try lemon juice that is very acid and works great on stains and stubborn dirt. You can use it to clean the fridge, the oven, the kitchen counter, and even on the nasty limescale stains in the bathroom. You can get the same great effect from vinegar.

Remove water rings with the hair dryer

If you last visitors didn’t use the cup holder and you have water rings all over the table, the hair dryer can help you get rid of them. Hold the dryer close to the stain until is starts to fade away then recondition the wood using a pinch of olive oil.