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House remodeling projects trigger a series of conflicting emotions in us. On one hand, we feel excited to begin and we have fun picking up the new colors and playing with the décor, on the other hand, the pressure of choosing the right type of materials while taking into consideration the budget limits wears us off and make us wish we haven’t started it in the first place. One of the most daunting things about home remodeling is choosing the right type of flooring option for each room. As you probably know the flooring plays an important role when it comes to beautiful house interiors. Besides the aesthetic appeal and the need to make flooring, furniture and wall color fit with each other, there is also the question of what type of materials you should use. It is not as easy as choosing hardwood flooring vs. vinyl flooring, because there are certain rooms in the house that are not suited to have a wooden floor, as for instance basements or bathrooms. You should consult a hardwood flooring specialist before you choose what type of flooring you will use in your rooms to ensure that you make an informed decision that will add value to your home.

The first question you should ask yourself when choosing the flooring for you house is what rooms need flooring to determine what type of floors would be best. For kitchens, you should pick a high traffic and dirt flooring option, because eating and cooking involves spilling. It is also necessary to pick a non-slip floor for the safety of your family. This is why vinyl flooring is often the preferred selection for kitchens. Besides the fact that it is easy to clean and maintain, vinyl will also prevent items like your favorite china to break, as its texture is softer.

Living rooms are probably the most important rooms in the house, as they become the focus point and need to be aesthetically appealing. They are the places where we invite our friends over, so we should choose a hardwood flooring option to ensure that the atmosphere is inviting and that it will match our beautiful house interiors. A hardwood flooring can help you choose the best option in terms of traffic and quality, but keep in mind that you need high traffic, as most living rooms make the connection between various parts of the house. It is important to choose the flooring while keeping in mind what type of décor you plan to use. Hallways and stairs need to have a durable floor that can withstand very heavy traffic, not to mention that it has to be easily maintained.

Another important aspect you have to pay attention to while choosing your flooring option is where exactly is the room located, because each type of flooring requires certain recommended subfloors. There is a great difference between the type of flooring you should choose for a below grade and above grade room. For instance, basements are generally moist and require flooring that will resist to water infiltration the best.